Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to Investigate A Cheating Spouse

Men and women may be very different creatures but when faced with the prospect of infidelity in their spouse the reactions can be very similar; anxiety, hurt, shame, anger and the two big ones … uncertainty and the destruction of the bond of TRUST. Being unfaithful may destroy trust when it is found but at least the poison of suspicion has been purged by then, so the only way to end the situation you are in is to find proof and catch your wife cheating on you or discover that your fears are unfounded.

So how do I catch my spouse cheating?

Well wondering ‘is my spouse cheating’ will not do anything but wind you up even further, so try to remain calm and set a plan of action to investigate the possibility of infidelity.

To catch a cheating spouse ( husband or wife) you can easily plant a inexpensive SPY TRACKING DEVICE like the trackstick or tail them on their nights out. (although without the device is more complex and hiring a private investigator can cost thousands of dollars $$$$) Also, in addition you should look for the obvious things, such as strange phone behavior, consistently late from work or shopping and so forth. Build up a picture of their movements so you know the times and places you can act or investigate.

Once you do this though, the first things you should be looking at these days is the computer and cell phone. With the digitalization of modern society finding a saucy letter or something physical is less likely but finding dating sites, porn sites; saucy emails and SMS messages are much more common.

The computer is an especially important place to check email, internet histories, internet caches, cookies and everywhere that data can be stored which might contain clues. The phone is also a good place that might have SMS messages but also a list of phone numbers she calls often that might have you unthinking is she cheating with the guy from this number? If these are all clean you may have to move on to more drastic measures such as SPY SOFTWARE to track their movements online.

So if you think you can do these things and want to prove their guilt or innocence and end the nightmare of suspicion check out Bluewater Security Professionals.

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